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Flexible Lesson Plan

For students who are able to attend lessons during daytime hours (before 3pm), I offer a flexible lesson schedule. This is suitable for those who work varied shifts, homeschooling families, or retired seniors.

Instead of a regular weekly time slot to adhere to, students may choose to purchase a package of 6 lessons which they can use in any weeks during a 3 month period.  Whenever those 6 lessons are finished (whether that is in 6 weeks or 8 weeks, etc), then the next package of 6 lessons is purchased. This way, if your schedule allows it you can take lessons 3 weeks in a row, then skip a week when things are more busy, or take lessons bi-weekly, etc. You can use them however it works best for you. Lessons are scheduled at mutually convenient times for student and teacher.

6 lessons 30 mins each $156.00

6 lessons 45 mins each $234.00

6 lessons 60 mins each $312.00